Connecting People with Process

Powerful, Customizable and Modern Process Control and Machine Monitoring System

Fully Web Based Cloud Driven

Rapidsoft using the latest in Cloud Technology and Android Technology deliver a 100% compatibility software regardless of your desktop software, mobile phone or tablet technology. Rapidsoft is designed to give you full control over your processes, when you want and where you want!

Customize! Customize!

RapidSoft is designed to fit YOUR NEEDS! Rapidsoft built on our fully modular software, allowing us to customize to your specific needs and wants without long lead times and heavy cost burdens. We fit our software to your needs, not your needs to our software!

Data Protection and Security

RapidSoft uses 100% redundant cloud network of servers, providing you with confidence your data wil be safe and secure. RapidSoft using AWS Cloud technology provides on demand unlimited processing power, fully encrypted data storage and low cost long term storage of historical data.

Simple and Easy to Implement

Have you used Facebook, Linkedin, Google etc....

Modern design

Minimalistic and simple design with maximal emphasis. Our user friendly Desktop and Mobile Applications operate seemlessly, with little training or employee implementation time. If they have used the internet they can use Rapidsoft.

One Click Technology

Our one click technology is specifically designed to put you the user 1 click away from any portion of your processes. We understand that time is money and quickly accessing data and operations is key.

Universal Function

It does not matter what device you are using, all you need is a web browser and you have access, From you Iphone, Android Device, Desktop, Tablet or Smart TV, you Can see whats happening in real time on your shop floor. Make decisions in Real Time!

Easy to Customize

With Many modules to choose from, Chat, Purchasing, Time Clock, Scheduling, etc... All customizable to your specific needs

One Click and Boom! See your Operations in Real Time

Here are some images from our Software.
  • RapidSofts ability to customize their modules really separates them from the rest! Cheers RapidSoft Great Job!.
    John Donga
  • Everyone has the same issue with ERP Software, the difference is Rapidsoft is built on my process not everyones process.
  • I hit the ground running every morning, Rapidsoft sends me all the nights lineups and I already know whats going on before I finished my morning coffee!.
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